‘Military attack’ on Honuta; uncivil, unacceptable – Ho Chiefs

The Congress of Paramount Chiefs in the Ho West District of the Volta region has called on government and the Electoral Commission to employ civil and peaceful means in identifying persons suspected to be aliens attempting to take part in the ongoing Voter registration exercise other than the rambo-style approach being deployed by the military.

According to the Chiefs, military officers invaded the district on Tuesday, in a very intimidating and terrifying manner, where they ransacked homes of residents of Honuta in search of aliens -a situation the Congress of Chiefs describe as uncivil and unacceptable.

Some residents also alleged that soldiers went to registration centers where they pulled people out of queues on suspicion of being Togolese attempting to participate in the Voter registration exercise.

But addressing the press on behalf of all 16 paramount Chiefs at Dzolokpuita on Thursday, Osie Adjatekpor VII, Paramount Chief of Avatime Traditional Area, called on President Nana Akuffo-Addo to call the military to order.

He said, “What happened at Honuta where soldiers descended on the town is unacceptable, what happened at Honuta where soldiers threatened residents at gun point in search of aliens is uncalled for, what happened at Honuta where some residents were molested is uncivil, intimidating and stressful.”

“We want to solidarize with the people of Honuta and urge them to move out and register their numbers. They have our support and we would not sit down unconcerned to have anyone come and intimidate and disturb our peace in our attempts to exercise a civic responsible of registering.”

The Avatime overlord further stated that, “it is unlawful for any individual or even the military to go onto the street questioning the nationality of another fellow. It’s unacceptable, embarrassing and only goes to add credence to the fact that there is an attempt to suppress our people as being alleged.”

He urged the EC and political parties to encourage the use of the challenge forms at the various registration centers in such circumstances to ascertain the true nationality of suspected foreigners, in order to reduce the seemingly tension associated with the registration exercise.

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