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What can happen to your body if you masturbate every day

Women can be tricky. Get this — only 25 percent of women orgasm during intercourse. Why? Well, several factors, such as stress, dryness, and lack of emotional intimacy can play a part, but oftentimes, it’s because several sex positions don’t offer clit stimulation. And, trust us, ladies need that spot hit (hard). A solution? Get in touch with your own ...

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This Wife’s Grocery List For Her Husband Is Hilariously Extra

Some people prefer to bring a detailed list when they go grocery shopping. Era Golwalkar’s husband Gaurav gets one with diagrams and bullet points. The couple, who live in Pune, India, takes turns grocery shopping every other week, Era told HuffPost. While she is a “foodie” who “lives to eat,” her husband doesn’t really prioritize food and “eats to live,” she said. So, she made him an ...

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Conan jabs at the new iPhone’s facial recognition system

The facial recognition system built into the iPhone raises plenty of questions. Can I fool it with a photo? (No.) Will it work if I’m sleeping and someone puts my iPhone up to my face? (It shouldn’t, unless you sleep with your eyes open.) Who better than Apple’s Craig Federighi to answer all these burning questions? No one — no one ...

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Parents should sleep away from their babies – Researchers

Babies who sleep in separate rooms from their parents have earlier bedtimes, take less time to nod off and get more shut eye, new research reveals. They are also less likely to require feeding at night, a study found. Parents of such babies find bedtime less difficult and report sleeping better themselves, the research adds. Lead author Dr Jodi Mindell ...

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Seven things I have learned about writing software

It’s happening. Bit by bit, little by little, I’m morphing from an engineer into some kind of…manager. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still write code every day; but I find myself spending more and more time in analysis and discussion, in meetings and calls, making higher-level decisions, trying to organize teams, and worrying about strategy rather than tactics. Of ...

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The 10 hard truths every woman should know

Every woman deserves her special day. That is rightly so because they’ve worked hard for it. It doesn’t usually happen that a woman finds a man today and tomorrow they head to the altar. The disappointment along the way might have been many. It’s true, some have it easy. They meet a man today and a few months later, they ...

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