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Chick-fil-A is combining 2 of customers’ favorite menu items — and the results look awesome

(Chick-fil-A is rolling out a “hash brown scramble” on Monday.Chick-fil-A) Chick-fil-A is adding breakfast bowls and burritos to its menu.  The new breakfast bowl, called the hash brown scramble, is made with hash browns, scrambled eggs, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses, and a choice of either sliced chicken nuggets or pork sausage.  Customers can also order the hash brown scramble as a burrito. It comes with all the ...

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Man dies from penis enlargement surgery

A healthy 30-year-old man in Stockholm has died after undergoing penis enlargement surgery. Aside from a minor case of asthma, the deceased suffered from no other pre-existing medical conditions. He had requested penile elongation and penile enlargement, often carried out in the same procedure, which is typically done by extracting unwanted fat cells from places such as the belly or ...

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The Garden: Get to know you to enjoy you

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned the concept of the human being. I said the human being is a spirit who lives in a body and has a soul. Today I want to further explain the definition of this concept to ensure that you build a solid wellness relationship with yourself in order to maintain a happy, healthy ...

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Six negative thoughts that can destroy a relationship

When you’re married or in a long-term relationship, there are plenty of things best left unsaid.  Negative thoughts can be just as harmful. Below, marriage therapists share six of the most damaging thoughts you can have about your relationship or your spouse.  It’s common for people to worry if their partners have become less invested in the relationship over time. But wondering if your ...

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Baboon causes mass power cut in Zambia

A baboon in Zambia has tampered with the cables at a power station in the south of the country leaving 50,000 people without electricity. It caused the blackout on Sunday morning by climbing into the power station and pulling at the lines. The baboon survived the “massive electric shock” that would have killed a human being, a power company spokesman ...

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