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About Us

Welcome to Obuaba FM, your number one source for all things radio in Obuasi and beyond. We are dedicated to providing you with the best radio experience, bringing you the latest news, entertainment, and music right to your ears. At Obuaba FM, we believe in the power of radio to connect and uplift communities. Our team of talented and passionate radio hosts work tirelessly to bring you informative and engaging content that resonates with our listeners. Whether you're looking for breaking news updates, insightful interviews, or simply want to unwind with some good music, we've got you covered.
Furthermore, we understand the importance of community involvement. That's why we actively engage with our listeners through various interactive platforms such as social media, where you can connect with us, share your thoughts, and even request songs. We value your feedback and strive to create a radio experience that truly caters to your interests and preferences. Thank you for visiting Obuaba FM. We invite you to explore our website and discover all that we have to offer. Tune in, stay connected, and let us be your trusted companion in the world of radio.