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The Chief and people of Akyem petition I.G.P

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This press conference has come as a result of Chieftancy and Security developments that has been characterized by show of power to brutalize, intimidation, torture attempted killing, gun shots, just to mention a few, on the citizens and people of Akyem Muoso. Nananom of Akyem Muoso has decided to set the records straight on the issues mention above,


Chieftancy Litigation

Six months after installation of BarimaAfamKyekyeku, a group aggrieved on the installation, initiated court at action at Koforidua High court which was ruled in their favour on 30th November 2018 by setting aside the installation of Barima Ofori AffamKyekyeku.

Okyenhene and Barima Ofori AfamKyekyeku filed an appeal and won the case on 22nd July,2020. All the three Court of Appeal Judges by unanimous decision reversed the decision of the High Court which set aside the installation of Barima Ofori AffamKyekyeku. I quotepage 28 of The Appeal court ruling “However, the learned High court Judge erred in injuncting the respondent (Kyebi Executive council) over a cause or matter affecting Chieftancy over which he did not have jurisdiction. He also strayed from the execise of his supervisory power and wrongly exercise a discretion when he proceeded to set aside the installation of the Interested party(Barima Ofori AffamKyekyeku) which happened on 28th May 2018 at Akyem Muoso”.

Members of the press, the decision above by the Court of Appeal makes it clear that Barima Ofori AffamKyekyeku is the legitimate chief of Akyem Muoso.

Security matters

There has been countless attack on citizens of Mousoby KofiAnomah, Ahenkan Boateng, Kwame Dankwa, Kwasi Amoah, Yaw Anomah  and others. These persons recruited thugs who are not residents of Akyem Mouso to cause mayhem and put fear and panic into the people of Akyem Muoso by hiding behind Chieftancy litigation.

.We enumerate some of the serious crimes committed by these people as below:

  1. Sometime last year 1st June, 2019 a group of people calling themselves Galamstop led by oneAhenekan Boateng, Kofi Anomah and Robert Lamtey with three pickup full of armed men entered Mr. Kofi Asomaning house at Akyem Muoso and vandalize his property beating up his wife and children and wounded Mr. Asomaning with cutlasses.This story can be found atGhanaweb. The case was reported to the police but no procecution has been made by the Kyebi police command to arrest the perpetrators
  2. However, on 15th June, 2020, policeteam from Koforidua entered Akyem Muoso and arrested Kwadwo Antwi, Ankobeahene Nana Kwasi Prepra, Bernard Ofori and Solomon Amoako took them to Koforidua and put them in police cellsdue the fabricated story given to the police by Ahenkan Boateng, Kofi Anomah and Adwoa Awo. In this case prosecution was swift and the case is still pending at the law court.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen of the press what has aggravated the situation is the recent shooting incident which occurred in 26th July, 2020 at Akyem Muoso led by Ahenkan Boateng, Kofi Anoma, Kwasi Amoah and Kwame Dankwa in full glare of the public where one citizen of Akyem Muoso Daniel Okyere was shot.

The Ford vehicle with registration number ER 740-20 was used by Ahenkan Boateng, Kofi Anoma and others on 26th July, 2020 operation.

The Assemblyman Kwame Nyarko and some citizens who witness the incident reported the matter to the police but no arrest and prosecution has been made by the Kyebi police command; three (3) guns full of bullets were retrieved from Kwame Dankwa house and handed them over to the police,cartridges of the bullet is in police custody.

  1. The Chief Barima Ofori AffamKyekyeku through his lawyer has petitioned the office of the IGP James Oppong-Boanuh, The Regional Commander-Eastern Region the BNI, Regional Minister, MP of Atiwa West, DCE-Atiwa Westand all the security agencies a copy of the petition was served on the Kyebi divisional command but the divisional crime officer has not arrested these perpetrstor of these heinous crime for prosecution. We believe the Kyebi Divisional Crime officer has been unprofessional in the performance of his duty.
  2. This is because, during their investigations,the crime officer and his team never visited the gentleman who was shot at Muoso whilst receiving treatment at Enyiresi and Koforidua Government Hospitals, neither did he came to Muoso to interrogate him after he was discharged from the hospital.
  3. Rather he has proceeded to court to secure a Bench warrant to arrest Daniel Okyere who is in severe pain and seriously harmed by the gunshot, and he see no wrong to arrest those who did the shooting. we are asking the crime officer Mr.AntwiBosiako why all matters affecting Muoso is been transfer from Kwabeng District police command we are therefore calling on the office of the IGP to conductindependent investigations on the matter in question. There is insecurity, fear and panic amongst the inhabitants of Muoso and time is of essence. All effort to seek appropriate redress has proved futile.
  • We are appealing to the President of the Republic HE Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo, the IGP, and Member of Parliament (Hon Kwasi Amoako-Atta),to intervene and instruct the police to arrestand prosecuteAhenkan Boateng, Kofi Anomah, Kwasi Amoah, Kwame Dankwa and Yaw Anomah to face the full regor of the law in other to bring peace to the people of Akyem Muoso.


Nana Kwasi Pepra, Ankobeahene Muoso



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