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Govt confused over job creation – Quashigah

The deputy ranking member of the Committee of Employment and social welfare in Parliament Richard Quashigah has downplayed claims by the Business Development minister that government has created some 4750 jobs under its capacity building for young entrepreneurs and start-up initiative.

According to Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, under the Presidential Business Support Programme (PBSP) Window one, 7,000 young entrepreneurs were trained with 1350 receiving funding.

He said beneficiaries were selected from Eastern Regional Garages, Western Regional Garages, Ashanti Regional Garages, Makola Women Groups and Bonwire Kente Weavers. The rest are, Kumasi Central Market, Shoemakers Association, Smock Weavers Association and Asumbrungu Craft Group.

Reacting to the claim, the Keta MP said the government is not giving credible data on the number of jobs it has created so far.

Under the Window 2 of the PBSP, the Minister said 12,000 businesses applied for training and funding, of which all 12,000 applicants have successfully received training.

“The Training provided an avenue for all applicants to get technical support, training, mentorship, business advisory services”, He said.

“We’ve had the President mention some figures when it comes to jobs created. The Veep has mentioned another figure and the employment minister also mentioned other figures. The NPP seems confused. The Agric Minister also mentioned some figures some time back and was challenged. The NPP government seems confused as earlier mentioned.

“This government is not doing much to help us understand what exactly they are doing as far as job creation is concerned. There are an army of young people out there who are looking for jobs. Many have lost their jobs from different sectors and there is no form of replacement.

The Director for Port at Keta is still at post and nothing is happening. He is being paid meanwhile nothing is happening as far as the construction of a port is concerned. This government is just milking the country,” he told Morning Starr host Francis Abban Wednesday.

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