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UG Medical Centre not abandoned, opens in October – CEO

The interim CEO of the University of Ghana Medical Center, Professor Aaron Lawson has dismissed claims that work on the facility has been abandoned.

In an interview with Obuoba News, Professor Lawson stated that the facility would be opened to the public in October.

Phase 2 of the project includes 350 beds, boasts of up to date medical gadgets for treating complicated medical conditions, and a helipad to airlift emergency cases as well as a medical hotel.

The $217 million project was expected to be fully operational once a $48 million parliamentary approval was attained.


However, concerns have been raised from some sections of the public that the facility has been abandoned since the new government took over.

Professor Lawson insists the project is till on course and the government has shown the willingness to secure the funds necessary to ensure the project is completed.


“The hospital has not been abandoned. It has never been abandoned and I don’t think it will ever be abandoned. We have engaged the current government and they are keenly interested in soliciting the 48 million dollar loan for that purpose. For patients to come in we are looking at sometime in October,” he told Citi News

Professor Lamptey also stated that they had started receiving online applications from health and non-health professionals for employment at the Medical Centre.


“We received clearance from the Ministry of Finance a few weeks ago so we have advertised. We are doing online applications of various categories of health and non-health posts. The deadline for submission of applications is July 14.”

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